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The ABN Financial Group has seen phenomenal growth since 2002 catering to large volume life insurance and annuity companies who want to target the middle market American marketplace. We have taken over a decade in developing distribution channels within every state in the union and are projecting international expansion within the next five years. Partnered with our independent marketing organization (IMO), Superior Performers, our growth rate in this down economy has been nothing short of phenomenal - up over 30% from this time last year. The future is bright.

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our purpose

We give our clients
peace of mind

We take care of our client's financial security needs, ensuring that the family is made whole financially in the event of tragedy and to keep their retirement savings safe.

Our Mission


Sales Professionals

Our sales pros thrive with us because they are finally in control of their time and income. They no longer need to prospect since they rely on our own lead program. They no longer have to come into an office to take up space since they work directly with clients in their homes. The proof of our success can be found in how much their spouses and children love the family orientation of our company.

Sales Management

The ability to earn from 5% to 55% residuals off your teams' sales volume takes the lid off your income and puts you in the ultimate position of creating long term wealth for you and your heirs.

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“... you are the the largest IMO for Mutual of Omaha and we are excited for this partnership to continue into the future...”
Brent Bench - Mutual of Omaha - Life Sales Director
“...they have doubled their volume with us every year, and show no signs of slowing down. Foresters will support this great organization with product and support now and well into the future...”
Knut Olson - Foresters - President, North American Life Insurance and Annuity

“...what you guys have accomplished in this short a time with us is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to work with you...”
Michael C.S. Fosbury, CFA - Columbian Financial Group - President/CEO 

A Few Words About Us

We started out as a small regional agency that caught a big vision to go nation-wide helping millions of families

We decided to pool our resources and expertise in 2002 with a marketing infrastructure, Superior Performers, to create a system of success designed to create wealth for the independent sales rep and sales manager. The vision was to give our people choices not limited by money or time.

What are you looking for?

Want to spend more time with your family? Want to earn a strong six figure income at the same time? Find out what we can do to help you.

Our Mission

Why Choose Us

  • > Our Qualified Lead Program
  • > Our One Appt Sales System
  • > Our Product Partners
  • > Our Support System
  • > Our Training Program
  • > Our Leadership

services overview

Financial security for middle market America

The middle market American client has been underserved for decades. We are here to change that, granting access to quick issue products designed to take care of their needs while maintaining affordability.

baby boomer generation

There are 78 million people in the baby boomer generation that started retiring in 2011. The next 20 years will represent the largest wealth transfer in the history of our nation. We have positioned ourselves over the last decade to serve this market with products and services designed to help the transfer of over $22 trillion of wealth to their heirs with minimal tax impact. There's gold in "them there hills!"

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our services

Right place - Right time. Ever envy those that had this advantage? It's our advantage!

This is just a short list of products and services designed to solve our clients' financial security needs.

  • > Mortgage protection insurance
  • > Final Expense burial insurance
  • > Term life insurance
  • > Universal and whole life insurance
  • > Equity indexed UL for tax free retirement
  • > Impaired risk insurance for the very sick
  • > "No exam" life insurance
  • > Fixed indexed annuities
  • > Equity indexed annuities
  • > Mortgage payment disability insurance
  • > Disability insurance
  • > Critical illness insurance
  • > Long term care insurance
  • > Medicare supplement insurance
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We've already walked through the minefield. All you need to do is walk in our footsteps . . .

Wisdom is learning from "others" experience. We've made all the mistakes already. We've been mentored and coached by some of the most brilliant and successful in the financial services industry. We've synthesized all of it into a duplicate-able system designed to help you achieve your financial goals in the fastest way possible.

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Our Partners

pro data research
Isn't a relief that you won't have to sell to your family and friends? Pro Data Research is our lead generation machine designed to identify clients that need our help.
Superior Performers
The power of numbers. Superior Performers negotiates for thousands of independent agents and agencies to get the best compensation programs from our carriers.

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1301 Lyons Rd #H
Dayton, OH 45458

937.435.7540Office Phone:
‭317.408.9136‬Hiring Line:

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our locations

ABN Financial Group-Dayton,OH

Located in the buckeye state, the ABN Financial Group has expanded to over 35 states and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Superior Performers-Burlington,NC

The IMO is located in a 58,000 square foot facility. The back office operations runs at a high pace with some of the top support staff in our industry. You won't find a better team dedicated to your success.

Pro Data Research-Burlington,NC

The heartbeat of the lead program beats here. Two lines of high speed mail machines produce about 1,000,000 lead mailers a week. With max capacity at 2.1 million, they have plenty of room for growth.

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So what exactly does your company do?

We distribute life insurance and annuities to clients seeking financial security for their families. Our partner companies, such as Mutual of Omaha, supply the products that fit our client's needs. Instead of these companies using their own employee agent force to sell their products, they use independent marketing companies like us to do it for them because we typically can do it better and in higher volumes.

How do you generate these leads?

About 85% of our leads are generated by direct mail. We pay court researchers to record mortgage data from the county courthouses around the country. We then use our high speed laser printers to print the lead and our million dollar mail machines to package the lead in an envelope for bulk mail. We will mail our clients up to 15 times over a year to get a good response rate from the data. We have web based lead responses and call-in leads as well to round out our lead program. Once the leads are received into the Pro Data Rsearch facility, it is scanned and placed in the database for download - no one can ever touch or see the lead again until the agent downloads it.

So what would I do selling for your company?

You would download your leads from our website database. You would call the client on the lead using the phone numbers they wrote down on the form. You would find a time to meet with them, both husband and the wife. You would listen to why they sent the lead in so you can recommend to them three viable options. After they choose the best one, you fill out the applications taking care of them in about 45 minutes. It's not that complicated. Our average agent takes applications in about half the homes they are in.

How soon can I move up to manage other agents to earn that override income?

If you know some people of high integrity that you personally trust, then we can interview them to see if they are the right fit for us, train them, and you will earn the override income on their production. We find our best people through referrals.

It sounds too good to be true?

This is a great business for people that care about others, want to earn a strong six figure income and spend time with their families. If you are person of high integrity, care about helping others, aren't afraid of working smart and have a positive outlook on life, then this will be true for you.

Business Overview Webinar

If you can't make the live business overview, you can watch a recorded version below:

a reputation built on excellence

We are a team of winners

If you are a life insurance or annuity company looking to outsource your sales to experts, you couldn't have found a better team. We have found and developed a championship team of sales professionals who know how to serve clients, placing the client's needs and budget above all else. We teach our sales professionals to take care of the client first, and then their own financial compensation will take care of itself - we reap what we sow.

We write solid business

We stand by our reputation in the industry as a team that writes business that stays on the books. Not only are you concerned about your marketing channels writing good risk, but we are too. In fact, our producer's have compensation incentives targeted for placement and persistency. Our top agents are in the 80% to 95% placement and persistency range. This is unheard of in the insurance brokerage marketplace but it is true with us because our producers plug into our extensive training and support system that is focused on placement and persistency.

We Have A Track Record

We partnered in 2006 with a major international carrier seeking to expand beyond their career agent force. We jointly created an innovative life insurance product targeted at the mortgage protection marketplace. Within 18 months of that venture, we sold more units of life insurance than their entire career sales force sold in the previous five years. They have since done away with their career agents and continue to partner with us to expand their US business base.

Another carrier asked us to send our life cases to our other partner life insurance carriers because nine months into their fiscal year we had exceeded their capitalization for the amount of life business allocated to our channel - in other words, we wrote too much business for them to handle! The next fiscal year, they re-adjusted up their capitalization for our team.

Success Breeds Success - We are continuing to hire the winners out there to be part of our championship producer team so if your company is looking to win - don't hesitate to contact us to see if we have mutual goals and our culture of winning is compatible with yours. You will not be sorry you did.

Our Mission

Helping middle market america protect their American Dream

Despite the cynicism in the world today, we still believe in the American Dream and everyone'e right to pursue it here in our great nation. The average family out there is only a couple of paychecks away from financial ruin. We are here to protect them from that through our rich and diverse product options designed to fit every budget. No one knows the day nor the time they will be taken from this earth leaving behind a grieving family who will no longer be receiving their income. We help families to guard against the severe financial loss that would come with the loss of their loved one.

Helping families get back together

Our agents have the ability to create a strong income while being able to spend time with their families. We believe that quality time and quantity time with the family is the same thing. Our average six figure income earner spends about 25 to 30 hours a week flexibly working this business. The other time can be spent guiding and mentoring their children, working with them on their homework, going on school field trips with the kids, taking the family to church functions together. We believe that this country will be a stronger country when we can help families spend more time together and be free from financial worry. We believe we are doing our part to do this one family at a time.

Helping our people work on proper alignment of priority

We help our agents and their families achieve balance in their lives with proper alignment in the following order of priority: 1) God, 2) Family, 3) Earning an income and 4) Physical well-being. We teach our people to manage their lives accordingly to maintain a happy and productive life. We have a self-development program that is second to none in producing this result.

Yes we are a different kind of company

You noticed that huh? Yes, we're different. We believe we can make a difference in this world and are always looking for others that want to join us in this mission of bringing the family unit back stronger than ever. When we can teach our children these values, what a great future they will have.

What are you looking for?

We take the obstacles away from making a serious income in the financial services industry

The financial sevices industry is the best paying industry for sales people that there is, particularly for full commission sales people. But the problem for most sales people is breaking into it. In the typicial program there is price to be paid to establish yourself: months without income just trying to establish your prospecting system, usually starting with your family and friends. Then there's the problem of developing your relationship selling style versus process selling which most sales people come from. Then the problem of mentorship and support - whom do you turn to for this? Your competitors? Tough to get started but once your in, it is the most financially rewarding career. We mitigate every one of these risks to make it simple for someone to break into the industry without the pain but all the gain.

Our Lead Program

How many times have you hit up your family and friends for Girl Scout cookies? Boy Scout popcorn? School fund raisers? Or that last multi-level wonder juice program that was going to make you a millionnaire? Is your stomach churning yet? We don't need you to do that. We have plenty of clients. We have access to the finest lead generation system in the world of financial services. We leave nothing to chance to put our producers in a position to win. We put them in front of as many buying clients as they need to meet their income goals. With a variety of lead types and marketing systems, both active and passive, the producer decides how busy they want to be and how much money they want to make. Lead Example

Our Sales System

Our sales system is the best around - our top producers experience high closing rates in the home on a one appointment sale. In addition, we focus our system not only on closing, but closing quality business that stays on the books. Our top producers get around a 80% to 95% placement and persistency ratio when they implement our entire system. All this equates to focusing on making our producers profitable and time efficient.

Our Support System

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the value-added, free educational teleconferences, webinars and local seminars through ABN Learn & Earn! Our Learn & Earn teleconferences and webinars provide sales ideas and product information for life, disability, annuities, underwriting and more! Our Learn & Earn local seminars are hosted by our sales offices across the country and provide you the opportunity to meet your local team while learning about our products and services from carrier and industry experts.

marketing to the baby boomer generation

who is the baby boomer generation?

In 2011, America experienced the start of the largest and most pronounced cycle of retirements in our nation's history. The "Baby Boomer Generation" - some 78 million - started retiring with more than thirty five million of them reaching the retirement stage of life. The "Baby Boomer Generation" includes those Americans born soon after World War II, starting in 1945 through 1964; a continuous period of approximately nineteen years! Many in this group are retiring from their careers or sell their businesses, collect the proceeds and invest in the next phase of their lives at a rate of 10,000/Day. Additionally, the children of the "Baby Boomer Generation", the "Generation X'ers" will begin retiring immediately on the heels of their parents. This group is possibly even larger than the "Baby Boomer Generation". The back to back retirement of these groups represent a historical occurrence in the lives of all Americans. Collectively, these events will last approximately forty years and 2011 is just the beginning.

the largest wealth transfer in our nation's history

Many in this generation have lost their traditional loyalty to large financial institutions. With all the fraud and insider trading convictions of some of the most prolific fund managers, there is a general distrust of the large "brand name" financial management companies. Many securities brokers and sales people have left the industry after the last financial crash. Therin lies our opportunity! More and more of our clients are asking us for ways to help them move their assets out of the market, afraid of exposure to further loss. Many of our clients are turning to us to help them structure the transfer of their wealth to their heirs wtih minimal tax impact.

Right place - right time - right leadership

The table is set, the meal is served, now it's time - our time. We need to add more good people to our ranks to take care of these baby boomer generation clients that are mailing in their lead request forms seeking help. There is $22 trillion in assets that these baby boomer generation clients control. We have the right combination of products, the lead program to identify these clients, the right sales system and support to help you participate in the new "Gold Rush" of this millenium!

the right products

financial security through life insurance

The ABN Financial Group markets life/disability insurance and annuity products to the middle market American client. This particular market is under-insured and under-served. This combination makes for the highest business expansion potential for life insurance and annuity companies. This middle market client has needs for life insurance, annuity and disability products focused on protecting their financial security: their income, their home and their future for their children.

Because we have developed a lead generation system focused on this client, these folks tend to look at life and disability insurance as their way to protect the "American Dream" of owning a home and giving their children a better life than they had - like a college education. They are also concerned about safety of their hard earned savings for retirement (not the risk funds they use to invest in the market).

Our clients favor both term and universal life insurance programs that lean towards more simplified issue underwriting. Yes, we will have the business client key man insurance policy here and there, but our focus is on selling a large quantity of policies that take care of a client's basic safety needs.

financial security through annuities

The perfect annuity for the baby boomer is the annuity designed and personalized to meet the client's specific financial goals and objectives. Whether their needs are based upon an income annuity, a tax deferred annuity, or an annuity to maximize their rate of return, there is an annuity that we have that will meet their needs.

There are benefits available that are unique to annuities. You can generate income using immediate annuities or income annuities, funds grow 100% tax deferred, and you can use fixed indexed annuities to maximize your return. The three most recognizable features of an annuity are: safety, security and guaranteed

Annuities, such as fixed annuities, are the only financial product, which have truly withstood the test of time. You may be surprised to find that annuities have been in existence for over two thousand years. Annuities have been used as a "Flight to Safety" during the European Market Cash in the mid 1800's, the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Black Monday Crash in 1987, and the Financial Meltdown of 2008. In the last eighteen months, over $250 Billion transferred from stock market investments to annuities in a flight to safety. Annuities offer a guaranteed minimum rate of return, have reserve requirements for each annuity contract issued, and are backed by the assets of the issuing insurance company.

Our partner carriers

Some of the finest companies in financial services

Here are some of the best in the industry - all fully capitalized and met our criteria for agent services and client support. Know that you have the best of the best backing you up when you enter a client's home.

Learn the right way to work this business

We have the best self development program to help you be the best you can be

We have put together a training and support system designed to ensure your success as long as you are willing to take advantage of it. Once you successfully pass our license training program for your life insurance license, we will put you through our sales and product training program. We have a number of ways to do this such as on line webinars, live boot camp training, conference calls, training website access to videos, mp3's, sales scripts etc. We have ongoing training conference calls and in office agency meetings to cover sales skills.

What are we looking for - people who listen

Being a good listener is vital to success with us. Our success is based first on your success. Since that is the case, we would never suggest anything that would slow you down or hurt you.

What are we looking for - people who work

Work ethic is important but working smart is even more important. We will teach you how to maxmize your time away from your family to earn a great living for them. We call this "lifestyle" - having both money and time.

What are we looking for - people who associate

The power of association is your ticket to maximize your income earning potential the fastest way possible. When you associate with successful people, you will become successful by this power of association. We do this through our weekly conference calls, regional training meetings and national conferences. It is the pre-requisite to "sharpening the sword".

What are we looking for - people who are willing to change

You are either growing or you're regressing. Growth only comes if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and change. Starts with changing your selling system to ours. Starts with purchasing your own program of life insurance through one of our partner carriers. This will single-handedly give you the crediblity that will be the backbone of your sales ability in the home.

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